Refund policy of Malicious or unwanted software fix

We do not offer refunds under any conditions, because you are protected by escrow from the start. Once the service is delivered as per the expected results and the warning for malicious or unwanted software is removed, the task is considered completed. After that the payment should be released to us from escrow.

In our practice, we have not encountered getting the malicious or unwanted software error again once we have fixed it. Because we stand behind our service, you are given 1 month guarantee that this policy violation won’t appear from the date of confirming that the warning is no longer present in your account. If it does appear, we will either refund your money in full or we will investigate what is causing this and we will get it fixed.

Please note that this guarantee is only for malicious or unwanted software policy and does not protect you from other policy violations, related to your ad content, landing page text, etc. which are your responsibility.