Malicious or unwanted software fix for Google ads

We know what it means for your business to not be able to advertise on Google anymore.
Luckily, you've come to the right place! Our guaranteed service will remove the warnings you get or you won't pay us anything! Sounds fair?


Why do you get a malicious or unwanted software warning in Google ads (formerly Google AdWords)?

The malicious or unwanted software warning will cause your ads to get disapproved and you won't be able to run ads for existing or new campaigns until you get this issue fixed. This error message usually affects the whole site, because the core CSS/JS files are loaded by default for all pages. The platforms that get affected the most are WordPress, followed by Shopify. Most of the time we are fixing the Google ads warning for WordPress sites.

Now, let's talk about the actual problem, which usually falls in one of two categories:

1) You indeed have some malicious code in your site for a variety of reasons, which won't be enough to cover in this section.

2) This is a false-positive warning, meaning that there is no actual malicious code, but unless the warning is removed, it won't be possible for you to advertise on Google.

In 95% of the time our clients deal with the second scenario which is easy for us to fix. If your case is more complicated, we can fix it as well, but the price will be higher.


We will fix the warning in 6 simple steps

This is the only service on the market, which provides guaranteed results or you don't pay anything!


We will thoroughly inspect your site with several tools.


You have to provide us with read-only access for Google ads and also provide your WP and FTP logins.


We will identify the exact reason for getting a malicious code warning.


We will execute the necessary tasks for the fix usually within 2-3 business days from the date of contract.


You pay via escrow. Funds are released after your ads get approved.


Your ads will get auto approved within 3 to 7 days*. In some cases, you have to contact the Google support.

*Our service guarantees that the issue will be fixed within 1 month. The average time frame though is 7 days. 
The Google caching system refreshes within up to 72 hours, so if we have fixed the issue, but the problem still persists, then you will have to contact the Google support to clear the cache and re-scan the website manually.

We do our best to get your site up and running on Google ads ASAP

We are proud to say that we have over 95% success rate in removing the malicious warnings you get in your Google ads dashboard. Some of our clients say that they have spent $$$$ for nothing before hiring us. We fix the issue for a lot less and our service guarantees results or you don't pay a dime!

95 %
100 %

Accelerate your digital growth again

We work with a variety of customers - from small local businesses to big corporations who have run into the issue of getting their Google ads account restricted from advertising because of malicious or unwanted software.

The average monthly profit of the businesses we work with is $1500/mo. Paying 1/3rd of the price to be able to advertise again on Google is a no-brainer! Check our pricing below.



The prices listed below are one time payments. If your case is standard, we will be able to fit in the suggested prices, otherwise we will discuss a custom pricing option.

$ 500

Silver Package

  • ✔ Most affordable option.
  • ✔ Removes the malicious code.
  • ✔ You will be able to advertise again.
  • ✔ Comes with a guarantee to work or you simply don't pay.
  • ✔ Takes on average 2 days to get executed and up to 10 days to have the warnings removed.
$ 750

Gold Package

  • ✔ Everything in the silver package plus:
  • ✔ Reducing the size of all images.
  • ✔ Speeding up your site.
  • ✔ Optimizing your plugin structure.
  • ✔ Priority support.
$ 1000

Platinum Package

  • ✔ Everything in the gold package plus:
  • ✔ Consultation regarding your Google ads campaigns.
  • ✔ Consultation regarding your overall marketing campaigns.
  • ✔ Audit of your Google ads account.
  • ✔ Creating an action plan for taking your business to the next level.

IMPORTANT: All the payments are done via escrow to have maximum protection for both sides. The escrow fees are covered by the buyer.


What are clients saying about our service?

We help your business to grow again and not lose tons of money for not being able to advertise on the Google ads platform. We know exactly how you feel and we will get this fixed!


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